Curved Deck Contractors in Durham Region

Elegance Outdoors

Dreaming of an elegant outdoor space with a curved deck, or beautiful curved benches around an outdoor fireplace? Bring your dreams to life with help from our master deck builders here at Decks Out Back.

Curved decks, railings and benches do take a little more time to complete, but their sheer beauty is worth every little moment.

Inverse curved decks around pools create a refined look and will enhance your backyard for years to come.

Straight or curved, our professional deck builders will complete your project beautifully. Talk to us today.

curved patterned deck

Common Curved Deck Questions 

How tight of a curve radius can we have?

The radius can begin at 4' and larger.

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How much longer does it take to create curves?

There is significant set up to curve boards. Our team will setup and curve the boards on site.

Can low maintenance deck materials be curved?

Composite and PVC are better than wood for curved boards. We use a heating blanket to curve these low maintenance deck boards with great results. This does not effect the warranty when done right.

How much more will a curved deck cost?

The cost of curving is specific to each job.  Once we look at the design, we can accurately assess cost.

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How much will my curved deck cost?

Deck board curving is an art. It requires time, patience and skill so as to not damage or break the board. The process does increase project fees.  We can deliver curved decks or give you other options for a variety of shapes and edges to add beauty to your home.

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