Custom Deck Design & Builders in Ontario

For Your Finest Outback Experience!

We are custom deck builders. We design your dreamscape. When you work with a professional deck builder like Decks Out Back, you know you will get a stunning result.

Choose from the finest materials that will withstand weather and time, and create a beautiful addition to your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our experts will walk you through the entire process, from your vision, to building permits, to making it all happen.

deck design blueprints

So how does it all work? 

Here is a breakdown of what to expect during your custom deck building project.

YOU SHOULD KNOW...once you contract Decks Out Back, we focus on your project alone, so you can begin enjoying your new outdoor space as quickly as possible.  You won't be left wondering where your contractor disappeared off to.  Once your materials are in and we agree on a start date, your project will have our undivided attention until complete, and you're relaxing in your new backyard getaway!

Consultation & Vision

Meet with our master deck builder.

Tell us your vision. We'll give you options for materials, finishes, lighting and accents.

You choose what is right for you.

Approval & Deposit

After your consult, you will receive your estimate and service agreement.

Ask any questions you have. We are here to ensure you get the custom design and finish you are looking for.

Once you approve it, your 30% deposit is processed by cheque or email money transfer.

Permits & Prep

Upon receiving your first deposit, we apply for building permit, if required (not every project requires one), and order your deck building materials. Upon delivery, your second deposit of 30% is processed.

Once received, we will schedule work to begin.  Your third deposit of 30% is processed when framing is complete.


Each project is undertaken with care and the utmost attention to detail.  Once complete, your finest outback experience is ready for you to enjoy!

We'll walk through the completed deck with you, and then process your final 10% payment.

And we'll be here for any follow up questions you have.

How much will my custom deck build cost?

At Decks Out Back, we focus on quality materials and craftsmanship.  Our fees reflect that, and home owners appreciate the quality we deliver.

Every project is unique. Factors that affect cost include size of deck, how many levels there are, how many stairs there are, if railings are required, railing materials, deck materials and more.

We will give you options so you can choose what is best for you as you undertake this beautiful and lasting addition to your home.